Rony’s Wedding

Timeline: January 14-16
Location: Bogra

A New Begining: Rony & Nitu

Jenny’s Debut Bangla Movie

While passing Anondo cinema hall at Farmgate, the large backdrop of the newest Bangla movie caught my attention. One of the girls on the backdrop looked familiar. I went in for a closer inspection and recognised her. She was none other than Jenny, my friend Farhan’s fiance.

I called up my friend who was in a state of shock. We decided to watch the 6 o’clock show. The movie itself was totally crap, but not as vulgar as we thought it be. It’s just that there was an attempt-to-rape scene on Jenny, a moderately-erotic song where she wore shorts and tight blouse, and some touch-hug-kiss-fondle scenes. Can’t call it too obscene since topless and make out scenes are becoming norm in the latest Bangla movies.

Just to mention, it’s the second time I’ve been to a Cinema hall in Dhaka. The first time was in 1998 when I watched Titanic in Modhumita.

Love Conquers All

Avishek is from Bangladesh, Gayatri is from India
Avishek is Buddhist, Gayatri is Hindu
Avishek was brought up in Dhaka, Gayatri was brought up in Bangkok

And yet, they fell in love, and got married. Isn’t that wonderful?

Avishek and Gayitri

I wish all the best to this newly married couple, and hope they hold each other’s hand till the end of time.

One info that should insipire all the lovers around the world is that Gayatri was the first girl whom Avishek ever asked out, and he was rejected him at first. The rest, is history.

In case you are wondering, Avishek is my childhood friend — I know him since the third grade. He moved to New Zealand with his family after our O’ Levels, where he met Gayatri.

4th Grader Tiktikis

Anjalin sent me the scanned photograph of our class 4’s yearbook picture of Dhanmondi Tutorial and I’m so glad to get it. We were so little back then! Anjalin says we look like tiktikis!

4th graders at DT - including Russell

Just in case if you haven’t recognized me yet: I’m sitting on front row, between the girls. :D

For a larger version of the photo, click here.

Birthday Boy!

Another 356 days, and I’m a year older.

Mitu sent the first greeting at midnight, followed by Oishi, Nishi, Adrita, Tahsin and Deep. Scarlet, Tanim and Ridhma cared enough to call — thanks to all of them!

Adrita was supposed to meet me, but canceled it in the last hour… health problem. Anyhow, Tanim-the-Geat-Liar surprisingly kept his word and met me in the evening. We spent some quality time and drank beer!

Just in case you’re curious to know how old I’m now — I turned 23!