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Emcon 1 – The "Morning-After" Pill

Say you had unprotected sex with your partner. Maybe the condom broke. Maybe the diaphragm or the IUD got misplaced. Or maybe, God forbid, you became a victim of sexual assault. What do you do now? If all this had occurred within the last 3 days, then look no further — get yourself a pack of “Emcon 1” from your local pharmacy.

Emcon 1

Important update: Emcon has been rebranded as “Emcon 1”, it is now a single dose medicine instead of double.

A pack of Emcon 1 contains a white-coloured pill, containing 1.5 mg of Levonorgestrel. Applied in a single dose, this progestin-only drug prevents ovulation or fertilisation, and hence protects against pregnancy. Emcon 1 is being manufactured and marketed by Renata Limited in Bangladesh. Outside Bangladesh, you can find this drug under following trade names: Plan B, Levonelle, NorLevo, Postinor or iPill.

If taken in proper timing, this emergency contraceptive (EC) or “morning-after” pill will be up to 95% effective. So how to take it? Take the pill as soon as possible within 72 hours of unprotected sex. It works best if taken within 12 hours, so try to do so if possible. You should remember that more delay you do to take the pill, the less protection you’ll get against pregnancy.

Stuffs to Remember:

  • Emcon 1 should not taken on a regular basis
  • Emcon 1 is not to be used an alternative of regular birth control pills — emergency cases only
  • If you vomit within 3 hours of taking a pill, take another immediately.
  • Common side effects are abdominal pain, fatigue, headache, dizziness, and breast tenderness.

You will know if it worked as intended or not if you get your menstrual period within 7 to 10 of taking the pill. For further details, read the following literature carefully:

All generic Levonorgestrel brands available in Bangladeshi market:

EC-Pill1.5 mgTechno Drugs
1 tablet pack: ৳65.00
Emcon 11.5 mgRenata
1 tablet pack: ৳70.00
I-Pill DS1.5 mgPopular Pharmaceuticals
1 tablet pack: ৳70.00
Norix0.75 mgSocial Marketing Company
2 tablet pack: ৳60.00
Norix 11.5 mgSocial Marketing Company
1 tablet pack: ৳60.00
Norpill0.75 mgSquare Pharmaceuticals
2 tablet pack: ৳70.00
Norpill 11.5 mgSquare Pharmaceuticals
1 tablet pack: ৳70.00
Postinor0.75 mg
Gedeon Richter, Hungary
2 tablet pack: ৳80.00
Setfree1.5 mgNuvista Pharma
1 tablet pack: ৳65.00

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Last updated on June 26, 2021 @ 9:29 BST.


  • Dear Rusell,
    Me and my partner had unprotected sex.But after 4 hours i took the first EMCON tablet at 4:23am and the second at 4:56pm.Please Doctor tell me if i am safe or not,if their is any other way to prevent my pregnancy

  • I and my wife had intercourse and she used Emcon next day at 12.30pm.It was 4days after her last period stopped.Her last period occurred 27 aug.We had intercourse 2 sep. Normally her period occurs 2/3 days before her last period date. It is 25 sep her period hasn’t occurred yet..
    Is there any chance to get pregnant???plz help

  • Hi Russell vai
    My period finish at 1st October.And I did sex with my bf on next day,the 2nd October.we used condom during intercourse.but the problem is on 2nd October night bleeding happened in my vaginait stayed for few minutes and stopped.but now from that day I felt severe pain in my stomach..and during talking,laughing I felt it more severely..and also I feel hard in my vagina during sitting…what could be the problem????
    I am scared and waiting for your valuable answer

  • hi
    my wifes period started on october 2 and ended on october 8.
    on october 11 around 11 am we tried to have sex but suddently stopped. i didnt get my penis in her. but we had oral sex and i shoot my semen on her breast and then she used several wet tissues to clean it up and i freaked out and told her to clean her vagina because it was too wet and i was afraid if my attempt to have intercourse transmitted any semen in her vagina. so i told her to use another wet tissue to clean her vagina. she didnt wash her hands after cleaning her breasts. so on october 12 at 10 she took 1 emcon1. but i had no idea that it now comes in 1 tablet pack. so she took another one at october 13 at 8:45 am.
    will it harm her and will she get pregnant?

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  • vaia ami amr gf er sathe 1st time 7th nov without protection sex kori… tokhon or perioder last day cilo… kintu ami vitore out korini …but we are very tensed je vitore out holo kina…tai o 30 min er moddhe emcon 1 pill khaya nay… tarpor 13 or 14th nov 2014 or abar period start hoy… so vaia ami jante chaccilam… ata ki kono problem hoice …plz help vaia. apnar phn no ta dile khub valo hoto… tobe …khub chintay aci vaia. plz help korun.amader ki kora uchit.

  • I had my last period at 1st November. And had sex after 5-7 days of completing my period. We were protected although for staying risk free I took emcon pill within hrs. I found a bit bleeding next 2 days and had no vomiting. But its already 7th December today. I haven’t period yet.I am so tended. What should I do now? Please suggests me.

  • I had sex with my gf on 9th December at 9.30 am.she took the Emcon 1 pill after 30 hours of intercourse.her last period was 22 to 27 november.is she safe ?when will she expect her next period.plz answer me quickly plz plz plz.she is very much worry………

  • Hi I like know if I can still get pregnant. I took norlevo on the 1/1/15 and I took just 1 tablet and forgotten about the other one but I have been bleeding on the 6th and still bleeding. How do I know if I am pregnant later on

  • My girlfriend took both of the emcon pills at the same time. It has been five hours since she took the pills and she has not experienced any side effects. Does that mean it isn’t working?

  • Can I become pregnant if my bf just rub his penis on the outside area of my vagina before ejaculating ? precum came out. I got one tablet of Postinor 2 after 4 hours later of that incident and second one after 12 1/2 hours of first tablet. Can I become pregnant sir ? plz help me

  • i have taken emcon1 within 24 hours after having sex on 13th February and my period is still missing ,so is there any chance of pregnancy ? please answer me immediately its really urgent.

  • i have taken emcon1 within 24 hours after having sex on 13th February at approximately 1:30 am 8 days have passed but my period is still missing ,so is there any chance of permanency please answer me immediately its really urgent

  • I had an unprotected sex during my ovulation cycle and I took postnor 2 immediately, the two tablet at a go. am I safe ?

  • I & my wife had unprotected sex on 22nd march.she took the emcon 1 within 2hours. On april 3,bleeding started & lasted for 5 days. After 3 days today again bleeding started with pain.is she safe?? What can be the problem???

  • plz help me. after takin emicon 1 , my wife was fine 20 hours.bt than she noticed white colour liqiud is comming time to time not continously ..and it continue 2 days and still.what can i do ?is it any serious prb??

  • Sir,I’ve did sex with my partner on 26 August & she took emcon within 12 hours.Her last menses started from 31 July to August.But she is very tent ion not be menses ,how can we do ,,,have you tell me any medicine which effect at this time?pls help me.

  • I took sex with my partner on 20 August.Her last menses was 15 July….19july….she is very tensed not to be menses..how can I do?

  • Dear Russell vaiya,,,,amar normal period date 5 tarik,,,,ami sex kori 13 september,,,,oidini emkon 1 pill khai…er porer din matha betha kore,,,pet bethao kore,,,,20 september amr light bleeding hoy,,,3 din porjonto silo,,but ajk 8 th october amar mins ekhono hocche na,,,,amar khub tension hocche…am i pregnenet,,,,,,plzzzzzzzz vai reply as soon as possible

  • My L.M.P was 10th September.The incident was in 14th or 15th September.I have taken the emcon 1 within 2hours of the incident.I always have my periods earlier than the previous date.Today is 11th October,but not yet get the expected period.

  • My wife has taken one emcon1 yesterday today we again had unprotected sex does she need to take another one today or previous one will take effect please urgent

  • I had sex with my partner 18th january at 3 pm,and i took the emicon pill (1 tablet) at 8 pm.can i ptotect myself from unprotected pregnency??plz russell bro help me to give the answer..um very worried..

  • unprotected sex on 25th of January than i take a 2 i pill in 30mint after sex so i case pills not work may i pregnant
    plzzz answer soon
    my period day’s is 1 fab

  • If one pill of emcon 1 is taken, right after the intercourse, is there anything to worry about, about getting pregnant?

  • dear bro, if emcon 1 taken within one hour after intercourse and after taking no vomiting. so my question is it work 100% properly or not?? I don’t have anany ideas about this plzz help me.

  • I’m closing the comments section as I don’t have enough spare time to reply. However, almost all questions that you might have should be answered here already, so take your time to go through the comments section. If you still have a query then email me at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you ASAP.