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River Cruise on Buriganga

I was very excited about the cruise on Buriganga river, but all my excitement died within half an hour of reaching Sadarghat Launch Terminal. The place is way too dirty and full of beggars of all ages. The river is fucking dirty and smells shit.

I’ll never ever go back to that place without a very good reason. I never imagined a part of Dhaka could be so ugly.

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  • Journalist Christian Walsh (http://www.christianwalsh.com) once wrote that "leaving Dhaka is an involuntary experience. It spits you out." As we idled amidst the seething toxic clouds of a Dhaka traffic jam in an open-aired baby taxi, no less it was akin to being lodged in the phlegm of the city's toxic throat, preparing to be hawked out with projectile force.
    It was Gulistan, and we were standing still. Translated as "fragrant garden," the 'stan is a necessary right of passage to reach Sadarghat (shod-or-ghat), the city's heaving boat terminal. Once you've run the gauntlet and surfeited yourself with exhaust, the reward of leaving Dhaka by launch is nothing short of bliss. It is the best way to get out in true Bangladeshi style on the water, that is. The frothy spittle of the city simply sails away behind you, replaced with the cool air of a gentle evening cruise. Bringing a discreet celebratory beverage would not go wrong at this moment, given that glasses are always provided with your cabin.
    This is a writing scrap that I've prepared about Sadarghat.. I agree with you on all of the things you say above, but here is one good reason you should.. if we're living in the "armpit of India" then Sadarghat is definitely the sweat gland.