7 Myths About Suicide

1   Once someone is suicidal, he or she will be suicidal forever.
False. People who want to kill themselves are “suicidal” only for a limited period of time. During this time they either move beyond it, get help or die.

2   If someone tried to kill themselves once, there is a much smaller chance that they will try again.
False. As many as 80% of all completed suicides occurred after previous attempts. This is especially true for young people.

3   Suicidal people clearly want to die.
False. Ambivalence is a marked feature of a suicidal person. Many don’t want to die, but simply want a way to escape an unbearable situation.

4   It is a bad idea to ask people if they are suicidal. Talking about suicide might give them the idea that they should kill themselves.
False. People might think it’s safer not to talk about suicide with someone considering it. On the contrary, talking will help them deal with some of the heavy issues involved and diffuse the tension. A willingness to listen shows that people care and are willing to help.

5   If a depressed or suicidal person feels better it usually means that the problem has passed.
False. If someone who has been depressed or suicidal suddenly seems happier, don’t assume that the danger has passed. A person, having decided to kill themselves, may feel “better” or feel a sense of relief having made the decision. Also, a severely depressed person may lack the energy to put their suicidal thoughts into action. Once they regain their energies, they may well go ahead and do it.

6   Young men are at the highest risk of killing themselves.
False. Males between the ages of 18 and 24 are in the group with the highest growth rate of suicide, but older men are actually at the highest risk of killing themselves.

7   People who talk about killing themselves will never do it. It’s a way of letting off steam. Those who kill themselves don’t normally talk about it. They just go ahead and do it.
False. Most people either talk about it or do something to indicate that they are going to kill themselves. There is no need to blame yourself if you didn’t see it coming. If you are worried about someone you know, make sure you read all about the warning signs of suicide. Look for the signs you may see before a suicide attempt, and also find out what you could do to help.

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  • I mean what the point? when its hurt so much that u cant breath anymore, that's when u survive. u gain more pain . but if anyone is lucky enough he'll meet God! God hates that part! =/

  • Suicide is truly when one gives up. After so many attempts to escape the pain, it gets unberable and its escape the fate. No ordinary person will truly understand the pain, of feeling you must die. And when you die, your secrets, thougts, pain, and memories die within you. Everyone on these notes are truly beautiful,Even though they couldnt realize how much they really ment to the world. Dont give up <3

  • If you cannot afford the basics eg warmth food and clothes and you are ill then I believe life is not worth living I am desperate to committ suicide but afraid of failure Ihave no car or I would try the carbon monoxide method Wish ai had a gun

  • Christmas morning my cousin blew his head off. Do I feel sorry for him??? NO! He was a coward. He chose to not deal with his problems. Now the family that loved with all their might will suffer a lifetime of pain. Suicide is never the answer

  • I believe suicide is self-centered. Think about your friends and your family. You know if it were one of them, how much that would burn at your soul. I will be sad that they passed, but I would be even more sad because of what the bible says follows it.

  • Joann whatever YOUR cousin was going through is not YOUR place to judge. I don’t think you understand what someone who is suicidal goes through! You’re on the outside looking in when you have NO idea. What you are is an ass! You know why? Because who would I be to tell you that your problems in my eyes aren’t big enough to take your life over sooo, you’re a dumbass, coward, idiot. Really think befroe you saw dumb things.

  • People go when the pain is overwelming. The person that commiits suicide probably does not want to hurt anyone. Shit builds up to a breaking point. Everyone’s instint is to fight pain, when the perception is that the war against pain can’t be won that’s when giving up becomes a consideration.

  • I can say that I at least am always thinking about how it would affect everyone around me. “Nobody cares,” bullcrap, people care. They just don’t care openly or in a way that makes a difference because they don’t feel like they need to show they care. I’ve experienced this first-hand. Nobody ever asks, but if I break and tell somebody then all the sudden it’s a panic until they feel sure I’m not going to attempt anything. It’s an act though, I’m not actually okay ever. I just fake it. Because I don’t need others to suffer with me. I’d rather they be oblivious than try caring when they don’t mean it properly. As the person who said suicide is selfish would care, they care for how they would hurt and that they would lose something. They give no thought to the black hole that is my future, my present, my happiness, all of the parts that make life worth living. They don’t think of all of the pain I gain each day simply by living so they don’t have to have any more.
    I feel like I’m being selfish every second I’m alive for feeling like I deserve anything. For feeling like I deserve to be happy someday or every time I hope one of my “friends” would message me and truly care. So it’s kind of a choice; which will hurt everyone less? I haven’t figured out an answer to that for myself yet. I do know that failing an attempt is the absolutely worst thing that could happen.
    This is something that can’t be understood until you’re neck deep in it. I kind of hope the ignorant people here are never truly enlightened. Just as long as they quit being callous because the thing that makes me feel the worst is when someone does stuff like that. “You have a pretty good life, just focus on that and be happy.” “There’s worse, quit thinking everything revolves around you.” “It’ll get better, just quit wallowing in your sadness.” “You’re just lazy, do something and you’ll feel better.” NO! This literally just makes me feel more worthless, guilty, selfish. I feel more and more like suicide is less selfish than staying to bring everyone down.
    Also, please leave god out of it. Unless you know for certain where the person stands religiously, don’t. I’m atheist personally, and I don’t care about heaven and I’m sick of hell. When I leave I’m going into nothing hopefully because I’m just done with being aware. You may have your God or whatever, and good for you, but they’re yours. (I was brought up in a staunchly Christian household in the bible-belt. I have been baptized previously, actually. Fat lot of good that did. If there is a god I pissed him off.)
    I think the debunking of these myths is good. I find it sadly funny that people can know these and the truth about it and know the person, say they care, but ignore everything entirely because they don’t want it to be true. My freind’s done this multiple times; I tell her in a moment of weakness and she panicks, but I just start acting okay again and it’s like nothing happened. I’ve also found that people are generally oblivious to hints, especially if you act like its a joke or say it all happy. “I’m just gonna take a walk to the railroad tracks! :D”
    Well… I’m sorry if whatever I’ve written is offensive to people. Or mistakes because I’m on my iPod and I have no idea what I’ve written previously. Here you are peoples of the Internet. My opinion for whatever it counts.
    If an incomplete version posted already, I apologize. My iPod did some sort of silly thing in the middle. I recovered what I wrote before or I’d have gone to sleep. It’s one in the morning.

  • Every one has their own problems few of them facing and few of them not they may think for solution as suicide.
    If Braille committed suicide now days none of blind person cant read and write or express their feelings…
    you also born for something to do great.. do that.. don’t waste your life in middle…
    Bill gates father as a wood cutter.. Bill gates failed in his academics while if he think I am waste … we lost Bill gates now…
    You can do more than Bill gates do before die…
    don’t stop your soul growth…
    who are committed suicide they face much more problems than their facing in their life.. that may 1000 times more…
    After they are on earth as a devil for a long time also..
    please Don’t commute suicide

  • Suicide can be for many reasons but yes there are suicidal people who I find very selfish. The ones who post pictures on the Internet everyday about how they hate what they look like or hate how they are fat and they cut themselfs cause it takes this pain away ” but they post pictures of all their cuts. I’m don’t want to sound mean but people who do that are doing it for attention to make the guy she likes feel bad for them if you were really suicidal you would stay quite.. And why does cutting yourself help the problem at all instead of loosing weight. They hurt the,selfs . And even if you are ugly that means to kills yourself cause of one guy? And if life is so boring and shitty you only have one may as well enjoy it while it last why would you end it early some people have good excuses like that lost their parents or poor or even raped abused but if you have a home family food and healthy that’s all you need for a happy life .. I’m sure that boy in Africa who is struggling to survive wouldn’t kill himself because how he looks.. He would do anything to have your life if you cut yourself it’s only for attention stop trying to make others feel bad cause that’s what it looks like and I’m sorry to anyone who is actually sick with suicidal disease but anyone who does it cause their looks is pathetic no matter what you look like I know somone loves you

  • Anyone who hasn’t considered it has to just shut the hell up. I thought and think about it. I haven’t attempted since i found out my first born was coming. I did many things to prepare and put too much thought into it for some ignorant people to chime in with their ‘thoughts on the matter.’ If their is a hell they’ll meet. I chose to not leave my now 4 kids with the guilty thoughts of a child of a suicide victim. Yes victim, if we had control over the thoughts, then I’d use a different word. It involves too much mentally for the haters to understand. Good for them, that they don’t. My sister killed herself and i was the last one to talk with her. She was smart, pretty, had great life and energy in her, work was outstanding and when things fell apart she did too. I miss her every day. She still is my best friend and i am a big strong working machine and even 7 years later i cry when i think about her and how she left me in this god awful world without her. God damn it all you self rightchous blessed asses. Leave the thinking to the thoughtful.

  • no friends, ppl who get to know me dislike me. fb friends from the past have forgotten, they don’t give a shit. the only ppl that stick around is family… waiting for the time… eventual suicide. can’t wait. live die what difference does it make.

  • I despise the assertion that suicide is a “permanent solution to a temporary problem.” In many cases it is a PERMANENT solution to a PERMANENT problem. It stems from the discovery that one is quite literally a walking, living problem, and that one must eliminate oneself from the world in order to improve the lives of others.
    I have had this revelation myself. You see, I am different from many others in this world. For my whole life, I have feigned love and appreciation for others and their tokens of love that they have shown and given to me. I always assumed that everyone else was doing the same. After all, who really feels unselfish love?
    Unfortunately, I have come to the realization that almost everyone else in the world loves and is loved. I am too loved, but can in no way ever repay the debt of love which I accrue every waking hour of my increasingly futile life, as I cannot love, and have never truly loved as long as I have existed. I have felt pride, I have felt shame, I have felt rage, I have felt dedication, I have felt passion, I have felt indignation and outrage, but never love. The few angelic females who were so gracious as to bless me with their presence, I always wanted to somehow repay them for their generosity and…love, so I strived to be a positive force in their life, listening to them, giving them gifts, putting them first, always making sure to put myself second.
    Alas, each time I failed, because in the end, it was not love that motivated me. I felt, and now feel, only guilt. Guilt and a sense of being weighed down, almost smothered by the debt of love I owe to all around me. And compared to what I owe my family, those girls are only small one-line entries of red ink among stacks upon stacks of paper that detail my indebtedness. My family has been the most loving, supportive family they could ever be. I have earned none of it. They love me unconditionally and continue to give me exactly what I don’t want but what I unfortunately need– more money and more reasons why I should love them.
    In the end I feel no love. In the end no amount of money or future success can repay all my loved ones for what they’ve given me. In the end I am drowning in debt. In the end I am broken, unable to repay what all others find so easy to repay– the debt of love. I hate myself. I even have begun to hate those who love me, as they simply continue to pile on the debt that never stops growing. I don’t even want to think about the interest which my negative account has accrued in my 18 years of life. Every day the negative number in my bank account of honor sinks to new lows. Every day I fall farther and farther away from ever repaying my loved ones with the love they deserve.
    And so I shall confess, my leaving may very well be selfish, and I wish I had the strength to keep on fighting to attain the goal that cannot be attained. But I simply ask any who read this to know this: This is not a temporary problem. This is a permanent problem with myself. I am a problem. I am THE problem. If and when I choose to disappear from this red-ink-stained existence, I ask, I beg that no one remember me. Do not remember me for our good times (assuming that there were any), and please try and forget our many bad ones. My greatest wish is that I could wipe away and evidence of my existence. I wish that I could make things as if I had never been born. Apologies can’t make it better, but I want all to know that I am truly sorry for the pain I have caused you and am about to cause you, you who foolishly love me, refusing to see what scum and dirt I really am. You who love me, you are either conmen or crazies, liars or lunatics, deceiving or delusional. You either do not know what a monster you love, or you feign love to save your own selfish face.
    Those who are sincere in their love for me, forgive me for my lack of love in return. Remember me as I truly was, a monster unworthy of the love you showed me.
    Those who lied to me for so many years, may you burn with me in the place where I am sure to spend an eternity, writhing in flames for an eternity to atone for my eternal list of infractions.
    Please learn from me.
    And then forget me.

  • I’ve tried….twice. Thought about it ALOT.
    The second time I ended up in ICU for a few weeks then released to a psychiatric ward for 72 hours before they felt safe releasing me home.
    I’m an educated person. I graduated HS, & attended a 4 year college. Suicidal thoughts &/or attempts DOES NOT mean that you’re ignorant, chemically imbalanced, crazy, or even depressed. Sometimes people just give up. Maybe for some of us the pain that we have endured (or are enduring) just isn’t worth it & we see no other way out & choose to end it. Or maybe we have exhausted all of our other options. No matter our reason: IT IS OUR LIFE: SHOULDN’T OUR DEATH BE OUR CHOICE? No one has the right to judge, and nobody should have the right to tell is that we HAVE TO KEEP HURTING! It should be our choice.
    I agree, there should be guidelines. There should be an age of accountability. (NOT an age of maturity) and there should be a psychological exam. For those of us who pass, we should get to make our choice. If we are of sound mind & body, why shouldn’t it be our decision?

  • I think of suicide everyday. I don’t have friends, the family abuses me because I speak the truth. People tell i’m ugly. I’m not good in studies but i’m intelligent. I’m skinny even after eating much. People tell i’m a waste of time. My mom even beats me with shoes and door mat. I’m lonely always. Now, how to escape this? What’s the alternative? There isn’t! Belive me, either i’ve to leave my family & die on streets or suicide.

  • LonelySoul, your situation sounds terrible, and no one deserves anything like that. You didn’t tell how old you are, but if you’re too young to move out on your own, try to hang in there for a little longer. You’ll get a place to study in or a job and you don’t have to live with that family of yours. If you decide to leave them altogeher and never be in contact again, it would be the best thing for you to do for your own well being and noone would judge you because of it. Your life is surely going to be better in the future, trust me. And what it comes to looks, well, fuck it. You are intelligent and over the time you’ll learn how to get the best of that trait. Looks is the worst feature to trust any of the life’s important things on.

  • at the end of the day it your choice, Absolutely nobody has the right to judge anyone, thinking about it or has done it! everyone is fighting there own battle!others/nobody has a clue about.

  • I thought of committing suicide once. And i had that thought from then on for quite a while. My reasons i dont wanna share. But then i realised why should i? i can always start new. Leave everything behind but ya, the thoughts and the pain inside will be there always. But then live with it. Enjoy that pain, that torture and let that make you more strong. A person who has overcome the feeling of committing suicide is not an ordinary person anymore. He or she becomes invincible to all other mental pain. Anyone who feels or wants to commit suicide, try to change that mentality. Nature itself alone can heal you.Just let go and try to start anew.

  • I think that with the American Medical Association and their non-doctor buddies in congress denying people with documented pain problems, pain medications. There will be many more suicide letter to publish. Pain works on the mind, influencing in negative ways. They are concerned with the stupid people taking their lives by way of drugs. Also people making money, un-taxed by selling them. Just like everything, it’s a rich mans world, meaning that they will never be denied anything and not suffering if they choose not to. While forcing everyone else to be crippled physically and then emotionally. Maybe that is the plan. Hopefully things will change for the better for the people who now have to suffer in silence. That can only last as long as a person finds a reason to suffer through whatever they are up against. Or what is working against them besides the decision makers who are above it all. Many legitimate patients who have paid for the technology, medical breakthroughs and contributed by way of taxes and other efforts to make life better for everybody, are now being denied any compassion, consideration or any other help other then words in the way of relief from never ending pain and suffering. The quality of life we were lead to expect has been stolen by people who have the best quality of life, paid for by us. If anyone is contributing to the increase of suicide notes, it is them. They deserve the long slow painful deaths that they are inflicting on others through their actions and decisions.

  • My brother killed himself. I called my dad he said “well it’s not like we didn’t see that coming” in a cold, laughing, “duh” matter of factly tone. That killed me. My older brothers suicide split my life and self into two. We both had untreated mental illnesses and quiet type borderline personality disorder altho diagnosed. We often discussed suicide but never thought we would. I know what w happened he had a bad day and a bpd fit and was acting as a passenger on impulse without this illness you can’t understand but I always knew my life would end in suicide. He was 35. I was 24. I will wait another twenty years before I do it. But it’s very painful and the stigma is horrible
    It’s worse knowing why someone did it and having had no way to prevent it I rly didn’t ever see it happening
    My life was taken with his
    Feb 9th 2015

  • My older brother killed himself. I called my dad he said “well it’s not like we didn’t see that coming” in a cold, laughing, “duh” matter of factly tone. That killed me. My older brothers suicide split my life and self into two. We both had untreated mental illnesses and quiet type borderline personality disorder altho diagnosed. We often discussed suicide but never thought we would. I know what w happened he had a bad day and a bpd fit and was acting as a passenger on impulse without this illness you can’t understand but I always knew my life would end in suicide. He was 35. I was 24. I will wait another twenty years before I do it. But it’s very painful and the stigma is horrible
    It’s worse knowing why someone did it and having had no way to prevent it I rly didn’t ever see it happening
    My life was taken with his
    Feb 9th 2015

  • Joann you are a POS. Its NEVER your place to say for how your cousin felt since you didn’t know what he went through. Suicide has never been a simple decision for anyone to make. You are a pathetic excuse for a human and a worthless cousin.