Suicide Assesment Mnemonics

IS PATH WARM: Mnemonic used to assess the risk of suicide (warning signs):

   I    Ideation (thinking, talking or wishing about suicide)
   S    Substance use or abuse (increased use or change in substance)
   P    Purposelessness (no sense of purpose or belonging)
   A    Anger
   T    Trapped (feeling like there is no way out)
   H    Hopelessness (there is nothing to live for, no hope or optimism)
   W   Withdrawal (from family, friends, work, school, activities, hobbies)
   A    Anxiety (restlessness, irritability, agitation, changes in sleep pattern)
   R    Recklessness (high risk-taking behavior)
   M    Mood disturbance (dramatic changes in mood)

SAD PERSONS: The score is calculated from ten yes/no questions, with points given for each affirmative answer as follows:

   S    Male sex → 1
   A    Age <19 or >45 years → 1
   D    Depression or hopelessness → 2
   P    Previous suicidal attempts or psychiatric care → 1
   E    Excessive ethanol or drug use → 1
   R    Rational thinking loss (psychotic or organic illness) → 2
   S    Single, widowed or divorced → 1
   O    Organized or serious attempt → 2
   N    No social support → 1
   S    Stated future intent (determined to repeat or ambivalent) → 2

This score is then mapped onto a risk assessment scale as follows:

   0-5:  May be safe to discharge (depending upon circumstances)
   6-8:  Probably requires psychiatric consultation
   8-13:  Probably requires hospital admission

Hope this helps!


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4 thoughts on “Suicide Assesment Mnemonics

  1. My grandfather abused me, my mother hit me for speaking loudly to grandfather, my grandmother says i’m bad. People think that I’m not cultural because I speak. I’m ugly(everyone says),I’m not good at studies. I think I’m worthless and just want to die. I want to kill everyone and die. I want to kill every person to speaks to me loudly.

  2. Every one has their own problems few of them facing and few of them not they may think for solution as suicide.
    If Braille committed suicide now days none of blind person cant read and write or express their feelings…
    you also born for something to do great.. do that.. don’t waste your life in middle…
    Bill gates father as a wood cutter.. Bill gates failed in his academics while if he think I am waste … we lost Bill gates now…
    You can do more than Bill gates do before die…
    don’t stop your soul growth…
    who are committed suicide they face much more problems than their facing in their life.. that may 1000 times more…
    After they are on earth as a devil for a long time also..
    please Don’t commute suicide

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