Apple Macs Running on Windows!

I’m laughing hysterically since saw this picture 20 minutes, and I still can’t stop!

The picture shows CEO of Apple Tim Cook visiting a Mac production facility in Austin, Texas, and the iMacs behind him are running on Windows XP! Apple makes their own OS but their machines are made on Windows? How funny is that? :D

Certified Ubuntu Member!

Five years after becoming an Ubuntu Member, I received a printed certificate, signed by Mark Shuttleworth himself! This really means a lot to me and makes me happy! Long live Ubuntu, long live Linux.

Ubuntu Membership Certificate

Ubuntu Membership Board

Bunch of good news in May, latest of which is that I got appointed to the Ubuntu Membership Board.

Last month the Community Council announced rescheduling and restaffing on the board, and I decided to apply. The good news came yesterday from Elizabeth Krumbach that my application was accepted.

The primary responsibility is taking care of new Ubuntu Membership applicants, approving them if they are worth it and denying them if not but in a way that they don’t get discouraged or heart-broken. Other duties include adding them to Launchpad Ubuntu Members team, writing summary emails about the newly approved members, and maintaining team reports.

#Linux on Twitter

To everyone who’s reading this, let’s try to make #Linux a trending topic on Twitter. Please go ahead and write a line about Linux and use the #Linux hash tag.

Thank you, and let’s give it a shot for the love of Tux! United we stand!

New BLUA Logo – Feedbacks Please!

BLUA stands for Bangladesh Linux Users Alliance, a LUG formed in 2002 primarily to promote the use of GNU/Linux in the country. We’ve come a long way, and today we officially represent Ubuntu and Fedora in Bangladesh as well as working as the local affiliate of Creative Commons.

We’ve started working on to give a complete face-lift to our website, and as a part of it we’ve come up with a new logo for our organisation. Since this blog post will get aggregated on Planet Ubuntu and Planet Fedora, I’d like to take this opportunity to get feedbacks about the logo from all of you. There are some brilliant graphic designers in our community and I’ll sure with all of your inputs we can improve the logo! Please let me know what you honestly think about it, we’ll take all your comments and suggestions in account.

The logo was created by Adnan Quaium using Inkscape, and the font used comes with a “free for commercial use” license.

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