BLUA February 2007 Meeting


This meeting was a follow-up my e-mail to the BLUA mailing list regarding availability of Mandriva 2007 DVD. The respond was huge, so I decided to call for a meeting.

The meeting was held at Boomers in Banani. The people who joined in were all new faces. We talked about various issues including OSS development, bootloader, firewall, various distributions, and more. What was special about this meeting was presence of a female member, first time in our meeting history. We ain’t got much female Linux users in the country.

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  • hi,
    I've been following your website once in a while for some time now. I live in Canada and use Ubuntu as an end user here. I am planning to return to bangladesh, and what I was wondering, given the painfully slow ISP speeds (compared to broadband here in Canada) what resources does BDLUA or BDLUG offer in terms of say downloading/obtaining updates from local mirrors (or other alternatives). How would it work since many local neighbourhood ISP's are not established and not part of, say, the BD internet exchange :-S

  • Sorry for the uninformed last comment, I just came across your post on the ubuntu mirror in bd… and it looks quite nice given that it is updated not just with ISOs but also updates (what I was worried about). I still am wondering though, is the connection speed going to be adequately fast given that most local isp's are 1. not connected to the BDIX, and 2. restrict the user end download bandwidth anyway :-s

  • We have an Ubuntu mirror server in Bangladesh, which is connected to BDIX. The users of the mojor ISPs who're connected to BDIX can now download 700 MB ISO files in 5 minutes. The users who doesn't have Internet connectivity, or whose ISP is not connected to BDIX, can use the Ubuntu DVD which is available from us.

  • Thanks russell bhai, looking forward to getting back to bd and continuing Ubuntu usage without tension πŸ™‚

  • I hope that the vision-less ISPs would stop fighting with each other and join a common IX. If not BDIX, then let it be BNP IX or Awami IX.
    Also, the government should do something about enforcing the National Broadband Policy. The companies who're providing fraudband connections should to demolished and the owners should be hanged. The fraudband connections are even slower a standard dial-up connection… isn't it a shame?

  • Yeah saw the amount of gala gali public are doing at the ISPs. Tarpor'o how come they are so slow and blind to properly coordinate? BTTB'r Fibre optic monopoly is awful. half the time their link is down. And now these ISPs are doing chilla-chilli over VOIP. Dont they read their own forums to see how frustrated end users are?
    Regarding the ISP I will prolly use… its a local Para based ISP that extends ethernet cables from Hubs. I did a whois check on them, and it says they leased line from I think. So since connectbd is member of BDIX, you think I'll get good broadband speed from the local ubuntu mirror?
    Secondly that ISP uses Cyberoam Client on Windows to login to their server/ internet gateway. Anyway I can configure that for linux… and yet ensure that I get max bandwidth from BDIX linked servers? Food for thought.

  • Yes, ConnectBD is connected to BDIX as well. Therefor, you'll get optimal download speed from our mirror server. The Cyberoam client shouldn't be an issue here… if it does, then give us a knock!
    By the way, since you're a Ubuntu user, you might want to subscribe to the Ubuntu Bangladesh mailing list at… and join the BLUA Discussion Forum on πŸ™‚