Jenny's Debut Bangla Movie

While passing Anondo cinema hall at Farmgate, the large backdrop of the newest Bangla movie caught my attention. One of the girls on the backdrop looked familiar. I went in for a closer inspection and recognised her. She was none other than Jenny, my friend Farhan’s fiance.
I called up my friend who was in a state of shock. We decided to watch the 6 o’clock show. The movie itself was totally crap, but not as vulgar as we thought it be. It’s just that there was an attempt-to-rape scene on Jenny, a moderately-erotic song where she wore shorts and tight blouse, and some touch-hug-kiss-fondle scenes. Can’t call it too obscene since topless and make out scenes are becoming norm in the latest Bangla movies.
Just to mention, it’s the second time I’ve been to a Cinema hall in Dhaka. The first time was in 1998 when I watched Titanic in Modhumita.

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