I’m on #Bangladesh AKick List!

I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry after discovering myself on the AKick list of DALnet #Bangladesh. Who did it? I don’t know yet. Probably the founder or one of his psychophant SOps.

The following host masks (all mine) on the AKick list:

        – *!*@detr0it.bLooDz.net
        – *Russell*!*@*
        – *CyberKing*!*@*

My old nick Ekushey is on bot ban for the last one year, and now this… gee, so much hatred towards me!

DALnet Reunion

Time: 18:00-22:00
Location: American Burger, Dhanmondi

Thanks to all of you who showed up and made today’s reunion a success. Sure the reunion wasn’t a grand one, but everyone will remember it because of Rana bhai and Sangita apu’s presence.

The people to turned up: Rana (with bhabi and the kids), sangita, urmi, DaarKak, MAN__, GKing, ^_MaveRick_^ , Eddie, Addler, Shikhar_HoLkA, WishMaster, SIX-GUN_IN-HAND, and Ironz (everyone is not on the picture above). maanu sent a SMS as he couldn’t come.

Extra special thanks to sangita apu for the treat — the pizzas were delicious!


Attack on #Mastermind

In the five years history of DALnet #Mastermind, we’ve experienced countless flooding, IRCop threatening on multiple occasions, DoS attacks on our users, and so on. But something happened today that I never expected.

The “hacker” gained access to one of our SOp’s NickServ password, and committed a mischievous act that proved his immense patience and hatred towards me. The scoundrel deleted all the 40 AOps one by one, and then added them back on the AKick list. He didn’t forget to add *!*@* on AKick as well. This was followed by a obvious mass kick.

I know who’s behind this, and this is a warning for him: this abuse won’t be tolerated. We will strike back at any cost sooner or later. Playing with fire is hazardous.

IRC G2G Party

If you’re my friend or colleague, then you already know my level of IRC addiction. I’ve been spending most of my tube time socialising on DALnet since 1999, though I first tried it two years prior to that. To be honest, my first impression about IRC wasn’t too good — but later I found myself hooked up to it and there was no way back.

I’ve spent countless days and nights on maintaining #Mastermind, making friends, trying to get operator access on as many channels as possible, learning mIRC and Eggdrop scripting, and doing all those crazy stuffs. I still have more IRC friends then real life ones, with whom I’ve had some of my most amazing experiences.

Since it’s a virtual community, the users doesn’t really get to meet each other often. Usually meetups happen on one to one basis, and sometimes in groups of limited number. Only few meetups or get together parties in a truely “grand scale” were organised till now, but sadly I couldn’t join any of them. However, today was my lucky day.

Sakif Ahmed of IRC4Fun Network and his friends threw a party at Swarma Palace in Dhanmondi, and I was thrilled to meet a good number of DALnet users with whom I’m been chatting for years. It was particularly exciting to meet Addler, |aZy_|iZaa^, MAN__, sakifahmed, Tankibazzz, MonoroM, Artcell, NeelOnjona and my old friend DaarKak. We all had a rocking time together!

I thank the organisers for throwing this party — it gave us a great opportunity to meet the fellow chatters all under one roof! I hope to meet more people on the next party!

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, which is a virtual meeting place where people from all over the world can meet and talk. This multi-user chat system was written by Jarkko Oikarinen in 1988, which makes it a protocol older then the World Wide Web (defined and explained in RFC 1459). More information about IRC can be found on IRChelp.org.


* DreamsUnlimited has joined #Mastermind
* Russell sets mode: +v DreamsUnlimited
<+DU> Kara tomra… handsup
<+DU> Handsup!!!
<+DU> I said handsup, other wise RAB will be called for assistance
<+DU> What you people are doing here at late night!!!
<+DU> Ei channel kar permission niye khola hoyeche?
<@Russell> LOL!
* +DU slaps Russell around a bit with a large trout

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