New Hairstyle

Long hair became my identity over the last two years. People used to recognise me as the computer guy with long hair. There were people who thought me as a poet, writer, singer, artist, photographer, and looked up at me with respect, while some gave weird looks and passed strange comments.

Anyhow, the big news is that my long hair is gone — I got a haircut last week.

Now I do not have to tie my hair, keep an extra rubber band on the pocket, worry about drying the hair after a shower, use the straightening iron, or spend money on rebonding at a regular interval. And oh, I can use the same bottle of shampoo for a longer period of time now!

Russell, June 2008.
I’ll surely miss my ponytail, but it was a decision worth taken. :)

Top 5 Mistakes of My Life

I’m an optimistic person and do I believe that what happens happen for good. But lately, I came to a conclusion that my life would been completely different (in a better way) if I didn’t make the following mistakes:

  1. Not attending Concord College.
  2. Dating Farah.
  3. Not being too tactful with Mike.
  4. Studying computer engineering.
  5. Not going to USA despite of so many chances.

I can’t change the past, but all I can do is to regret. Damn it.

So I’m an ENTP!

I took the personality test at MyPersonility, which categorised me as a ENTP. This test is based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types and the personality research of Myers-Briggs. Here’s how they describe it:

ENTPs are logical, innovative, curious and downright inventive. They see possibilities for improvement everywhere and possess the ability to understand complex concepts. ENTPs are introspective and carefree nonconformists. They often neglect the more common areas of life while pursuing new solutions. ENTPs can be good conversationalists and exciting company.

Here’s what Sandra Krebs Hirsch and Jean Kummerow says:

ENTPs are known for their quest of the novel and complex. They have faith in their ability to improvise and to overcome any challenges that they face. They are highly independent, and value adaptability and innovation. They may be several steps ahead of others in encouraging and valuing change. They hate uninspired routine and resist hierarchical and bureaucratic structures that are not functional. They need freedom for action.
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My Caricature

My  caricature by Rhoda Grossman, a San Francisco based artist. :D

Hilarious, it’s it? ;)

My Birthday!

Thanks to everyone who has called, emailed, and wished me on Facebook, Flickr, and Hi5! I didn’t knew I had so many well wishers! :)

It just couldn’t get any better than this… I’m so happy!

Sharif bhai opened a thread on our Flickr group where a lot of people had wished me… Shahriar bhai greeted me the Flickr way!

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