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Let 2006 Rock You!

Let 2006 Rock You!

The year 2006 is finally here! As with all new years, it’s time for a new beginning, dawning of new hopes, and of an opening of a new horizon. Happy new year everyone, wishing you all peace, prosperity and happiness! Hope 2006 rock you all!

Happy new year!

I had a rocking time yesterday with Deep and his friends at Uttara, we blew firecrackers worth over a thousand bucks. All the cellular networks got jammed as usual and it was difficult to reach others. My ex sent me a SMS at 20:30 and got it at 23:30! Gush, I’m sure she thought I was ignoring her!

Ignoring the biting cold we stayed at the roof top till 1:00 and then we went to downstairs when 2 of the guys started spilling out naughty jokes for an hour… and gush, the jokes were hilarious! We went to “Sector 7” (which happens to be a pool club) at 2:00 and partied till 4:30 in the morning. Before going back to Deep’s place, one the guys and I went to grab a cup of tea at a nearby tea stall, which is really close to Uttara police station. Night life at some parts of the city is so different!

For me, 2005 was a happening year with lot of achievements. I hope 2006 would be even better! Here’s my not-so-secret plan for this year:

  • Publish the Linux Magazine as planned
  • Getting either a new tech job or starting a tech or media related business
  • Organizing at least:
    • One ramp show (preferably international)
    • One model hunt program
    • Five workshops on Linux and FLOSS
    • One rally / procession to celebrate the spirit of FLOSS
    • Software Freedom Day 2006
  • Writing up at least 15 Linux related articles for magazines and news papers
  • Saving at least five lacs taka
  • Learning a foreign language
  • Visiting at least two countries

I’ve always kept my goals high, but this time I’ve made the list simple and realistic. I love surprises, and for me, the joy of getting something unexpected is higher than what I would usually expect. So let’s see what 2006 brings for me! Let the ride begin! Amen!

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