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Mission Video Editing

Mission Video Editing

I went to Proshika’s training centre in Manikgonj to assist my boss on his video editing project. Nine American exchange students paired up with fourteen Bangladeshi peers, and created five short and not-so-short documentaries on the lifestyles of Bangladeshi villagers. Our mission was to edit these videos and to make them presentable!

Video Editing at Manikgonj 1

Video Editing at Manikgonj 2

Our mobile editing team consisted of my boss Jack Welch and me, and we used 3 laptops and some high-end software to do so. It took the whole day to edit the videos; and by supper time, we were ready. We hooked one of the laptops to a 29″ TV and showed the documentaries to the kids and the RI battalion who were accompanying them.

My boss dropped me home at midnight — it took one and a half hour to get back to Dhaka.

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