“Muktachokh”, meaning “open eyes” in Bengali is a photography club consisting of ex and current students of Pathshala South Asian Institute of Photography. The main aim of this club is to bring freelance and professional photographers under one roof, so that they can share their experiences, learn more from peers, and so on. Their activities include organising monthly meetings, workshops, outings, exhibitions, etc.

Today was Muktachokh’s monthly meeting, and I attended it for the first time. About 20 members were present on the meeting, which started at thirty past ten. The members who went to last month’s outing at Manikgonj started off by describing their experiences and problems. Then was discussion on the photographs that they have taken, which was done by a senior photographer. The meeting was concluded by showcasing a partial portrait based photo story on a Murong dominant village of Bandorban. The photographer described the background of the photographs, most of which were of topless Murong women.

It was a good experience for me to be there, and I look forward to join them again on the next meeting!