Bangladesh is tagged as a “moderate” Muslim country, but how long can it hold this image? Even today the country witnessed rampages by Muslim fundamentalists in Dhaka. Anyone with a minimal IQ and sense of humour will laugh at the cartoon published on 17th September issue of Prothom Alo‘s supplement magazine Alpin, but the twisted minded fundamentalists has turned it upside down.

The cartoon depicts a conversation between a little boy with a cat on his lap and an elderly cleric:

Elderly cleric:  Hey kid, what’s your name?
Little boy:  My name is Babu
Elderly cleric:  You’re supposed to say Mohammad before a name. What’s your father’s name?
Little boy:  Mohammad Abu
Elderly cleric:  So what’s that on your lap?
Little boy:  Mohammad cat

The cleric teaches the boy to use “Mohammad” before a name and like any kid he follows it and says “Mohammad” before saying “cat”. A person with minimal IQ will laugh at the “mistake” the boy makes, but the Saudi sponsored evil fundamentalists relate it to “insulting” Prophet Mohammad and compares it with the infamous Danish cartoon series.

Here’s a scanned copy of that cartoon, judge it yourself how this had “insulted” Islam and Prophet Muhammad:

The interim government has already lost popularity, and the way they handled the situation by arresting the cartoonist has made it worse. The only good side of the arrest is that the cartoonist is in a safe place now. The fundamentalists would have tear him apart if they could find him somewhere. So called followers of a religion which means “peace”!