How to Potafy Girls from Shopping Centers (Also Known as Chick Hunting)

A guide for 18-30 years old Bangladeshi men interested in ladies who are under the age of 25. Written by popular demand.

Level 1: Target a girl. Prettier the girl, the better. Make sure she’s not with her boyfriend. Perfect if she’s with a her female friends, but even if she’s with her family that’s OK. If there’s a wish, there’s a way. Targeting a pretty, tall girl is essential, I’ll explain why some other day. The girls that reveal too much skin is OK too but not recommended. These are usually very expensive girls that only dines at Westin and shops at Vasabi.

Level 2: Stare at her in a subtle way until there’s an eye contact. Girls have a sixth sense about this… they somehow understand that someone is staring at them. This staring part is essential and has to be done elegantly and tactfully, so that she doesn’t think that you’re a pervert or psycho. The moment she looks at you, give her a sexy look and smile. Smiling is the key here. Don’t take all your teeth out, just smile in a sexy, cute way. If she smiles back, you can move to Level 3. If not, no worries, follow her for sometime. Make sure she doesn’t get a feeling that you’re a maniac stalking her, make it appear that as if you needed to go to the same shop and some how you met her again. Look into her eyes and smile again. If she doesn’t smile back, assume that she has a boyfriend or just not interested. If so, no reason to be disappointed, just move ahead and find your next target. Trust me, there are plenty of fishes in the sea, you just need to look around properly. Once this level is complete, move to the next.

Level 3: So she smiled back at you, which means she is interested. Now you need to get her number, or give her yours. If she’s with her friends, then be courageous and go ahead. Girls like men who have the balls to stand in front of her and not shake like a crybaby. You’ve to be a man, not a boy. Once you’re in front of her, cough a little as if you’re clearing your throat and then simply ask her if you can get her number. Even if she’s a playgirl, she’ll act as if she doesn’t understand anything. The obvious question she’ll ask is “why?”. Just tell her that you found her to be very pretty and you really liked her… now you want to talk her, maybe you two can be friends? This will work in almost all cases. Sometimes she’ll not even ask anything and give her your number or take yours. Take out your shinny iPhone or something as expensive as it and type it in. If you don’t have an expensive phone, then better not take out your cheap one. She has seen a lot of village boys with cheap phones, this will be an instant turn-off for her. If you’ve a mid ranged phone, take it out, but do tell her that “don’t think this is my only phone, I left my iPhone on the car”. You don’t have to have a car, just say it. Girls like guys with cars. Anywho, in case you’ve a cheap Chinese “Nokla” phone, then hand her your pre-written note that has your name and number. Extra points if you write “Hey I just met you and this is crazy, here’s my number so call me may be?”. Well played, job done there. Now that you got her number or gave her yours, move away, follow her from a distance and see which shops she goes to or what she does. This will help you to impress her when you talk to her for the first time. She’ll like that fact that you spent your time following her pretty ass.

Level 4: Call her and start talking. You must have conversational skills, or this is over. I can’t help you to build conversation skills, you just have to talk to a lot of hotties by yourself to gain this skill. Apply all your skills on her. I’m capable of getting girls to go on a date the very next day, but you might not be that experienced (otherwise you wouldn’t have been reading this piece). Carry on with the conversation, add her on Facebook, WhatsApps, IM, and so on. If things go all OK, go on a date with her soon and appear to fall in love with her. Your genuine feelings doesn’t matter, tell her that you’re in head over heels with her. Holding hands on the first date is a must, if you two are comfortable then kissing is OK too. If she’s a naughty girl, you can do many more things, but don’t act too desperate. This will alarm the girl and you might not get the chance to meet her again. Keep in mind that girls doesn’t like desperate guys at all. On the 2nd date, many more things can happen. This will continue until you’ve taken her to bed. Once, twice, thrice or more. Mission accomplished.

Level 5: Now that you’ve slept with her many times, what more do you want from her? Discard your SIM card, block her on IM, make sure she can’t find you no matter how hard she tries. You’ve to have enough grey matter in your head to accomplish this, so act smart from the beginner. Don’t get too excited and give her your home phone number or address. You you live in Dholaikhal, tell her that you live in Dhanmondi. I guess you got the point. Now that you’re over with this girl, go back to Level 1, find a new girl, give her sexy looks, win her heart, and move ahead with your new love…

P.S. The reason I emphasized on pretty girls is because they are easier to get. You might think the opposite, but just trust me on this and only target hotties — average looking girls are a no-no.

P.P.S. This is entirely written by me in empty stomach and shouldn’t be stolen. If I find you copying it I’ll kick your balls so hard that you’ll forget that you ever had balls. Sharing it using the buttons below is OK and highly encouraged. I might even consider handing out some phone numbers if I’m in a good mood.

Best of luck in chick hunting, and sayonara!

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