A Topsy-Turvy Love Story

Location: Pizza Hut, Gulshan
Time: 14:30
I found myself smiling as a 23-year young lady wearing an orange Kamiz rushed towards me. Once a pony tailed teenage girl going crazy for me looked so matured — time can bring so much difference!
The girl who brought so much difference in me once again sat in front of me, talking. This girl helped me to gain self-esteem, guided me through the most difficult of times, taught me to confront obstacles, tutored me the art of kissing, exposed me a whole new world of Bengali lifestyle, enlightened me with her unconventional thoughts, and made me to dream of having my very own family.

While we took a little walk down the lane beside Pizza Hut, I grabbed her hand. Suddenly, I felt a spasm down my spine. My knees felt so weak. And her? She shivered. She said she can’t walk any more.
We headed to Quirky’s place.
We made out. I relished kissing and caressing her all over the body. My lips went warm and my body felt tingly. It was a state of bliss. She nibbled on my ears, which used to be my favourite thing! That very familiar smell from her body made me to feel like holding her for an eternity. Wish only I could.
No matter how much she wants, no matter how much I want, we’ll never be able to live together; both our primary reason is our religion. I wish she gets over me soon and I hope the same for me! Love bites, it really does!

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