Internet Relay Chat

DALnet Reunion

Time: 18:00-22:00
Location: American Burger, Dhanmondi
Thanks to all of you who showed up and made today’s reunion a success. Sure the reunion wasn’t a grand one, but everyone will remember it because of Rana bhai and Sangita apu’s presence.

The people to turned up: Rana (with bhabi and the kids), sangita, urmi, DaarKak, MAN__, GKing, ^_MaveRick_^ , Eddie, Addler, Shikhar_HoLkA, WishMaster, SIX-GUN_IN-HAND, and Ironz (everyone is not on the picture above). maanu sent a SMS as he couldn’t come.
Extra special thanks to sangita apu for the treat — the pizzas were delicious!


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  • Thankx to Russell
    Organization ta bhalo korse πŸ™‚
    Rana bhai ke onek din pore daikha khub bhalo laglo
    Sangita apake dekhar khub sadh silo
    Urmi keno je amar pashe na boshe dure boshlo :S

  • ami deshe thakle khobor asilo .. bepar na .. ami jokon ashbo ..tokon tana 1 week g2g hoibo πŸ™‚ pola pan get ready ..

  • missed……. 1 week er jonno miss kore fellam…… ai reunion e amar present thaka khub dorker chilo…. ami je mota nah seta RUSSELL ke dekhano dorker chilo….. lol… se jai hok…. next year inshallah hobe dekha !!!

  • Hi re g2g!!!
    tumi ki khali chobi, ami ki konodin chobi hote parbona?? keno na? keu patta deina, aaicha eekdin hobe, shey din dure nai, sohel mama tumi kobe ashba bolo, one week dhore g2g kormo. get ready.

  • It was a pleasure for me attending this g2g , and thanks to the organizer . and the other members as well. Ya That’s really KooL

  • g2g was good. infact very very good. πŸ™‚
    it was my first g2g with bd pplz. its feel really nice to see all cyber known ppl in real life. thnx to the organizer…. hope ei dhoroner silsila choltei thakbe :):):)

  • This g2g was a charm. Thanks to Russell who arranged this small but successful g2g. I am saying successful because I think, this is the first time in Bangladesh chat history, that group from other (irc4fun) chat server came to share the fun :~) with Dalnet users in real life. Thanks again to other best dalnet users who came to our g2g. May ALLAH bless you all.

  • wow! was that party>>>>> darnnnnn well were u there? was it fun? was there any humping jumping>? is that what call honour? hmmm . interesting.. and again.. was there any humping jumping.. well.. it looks too casual for that.. whatever ……….

  • I am sure that party was boring since I wasn't there. Accept Rana bhai and Sangita hotty appish, everyone sucks. I am so jelous. Let me come to BD and I will show you what a real party is. Until then freaks get ready…….

  • hi bhaia…its nice to see your blogspot….one question ?? what’s so special to be

    " 100% proud to be microsoft free "

    can u write a blog about it so that we can understand the difference…:)

  • cool party obviously… irc4fun users who went to the party are: me Tankibazzz, NeelOnjona, sakifahmed, beta_man, AQiLLisS, and Single_sad. best of luck for next party.

  • great party.. or great try? anyway Russell (my irc brother) has tried his hardest and became successful to arrange this party .. its not his fault that no one showed up .. i was thinking it would be kick ass party .. its not because of Dalnet its because of two most populer(once) users Rana and sangita. but.. hey its funny that they are not populer anymore .. but why? well i get it . it may not be sangita’s fault.. but its sure Rana failed to keep his place to the users..

    Russell bhai regardless of who came or who did not .. u are still the best brother .. and please do join me when i am in bangladesh

  • russell nice work..

    eddie beddie eto bhab nia thake kan

    rana bhai bhabi r sangita kakima .. nomoshkar..
    ehm.. now mr shuvro.. tor chul er eto baje obostha kan, mathar chadi te chul nai kan, shekhane ebhabe shamne picher chul die dheke rakhar opocheshta korli kan, urmi pashe boshenai dekhe :S ei sign marli kan..
    ayurbedik oshudh dia chul gula thik kor.

    gking doss.. mone kor miss those days.. ami tui r amader dail lol

    baki sample gula re chinlam na. but wish u all good luck..

  • definitely it was goods party with a few people. all da credit goes to russell vai n others who attended da party to make it a bossic one. i was there for a short period as i had to rush early for a work. dis is da first time i saw da dal users, met them. speciaol thnx to sangita apu n rana vai for their time. hope for a more gorgious party in future.

  • Jhakaa nakaa party dekhi! .. Miss korlam.. jai houk.. onek din dhore DALnet theke dure chilam.. But DALnet is my birth place in IRC world.. Hope to see you all in upcoming reunion.. ar haa.. Ekushey ke Akick list e add kore raikehn @ BC πŸ˜› .. fik fik.. chao πŸ˜‰

  • I think I should clear up the things to some people. This g2g was not official one. There wasn't any advertisement given at Dalnet #Bangladesh channel. People who came; they came because they were invited. So it is not about popularity contest or whatever. So freinds before you make any comments about the party, try to get reliable infoz from your resources (!) please. I thank Russell and the other people who gave their time for the occation. Take care.

  • Wow πŸ˜€ !
    nice to see every one over here BUT
    i don't know any one with out Rana bhai and bhabi and and their kids , Sangita afumoni ! and rusell ;D !
    peace ..