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DALnet Reuinion IX

Location: Baton Rouge, Gulshan 2
Time: 13:00-16:00
Thanks to Saudi Prince Abdur Rahim Al Wolfy for organising and sponsoring today’s reunion. The program was super hit and everyone enjoyed to the max. There were few new faces today, check out the pictures to see if you can recognise them.

Okay, now it’s time for the roll call… people who rocked with us today were: Color`Wolf, DaarKak, sangita, danda_maira_thanda, no`more, shundori_petni, cRaBgUrL, urmi, Viper_3, God`Father, GKing, HellBoy81, WishMaster, KingOfDarkness, and ofcoarse, myself.
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I’m not on the pictures as I was behind the camera! This happens to all the photographers! πŸ™


  • thanks so much russell for uploading the pics ..everybody is looking so nice!
    and color wolf ami so sorry for not being able to go .. ajke roja rakhsilam and sathe jor so ammu deinai jete πŸ™ ..have a safe journey and best wishes..

  • I know that i have missed something πŸ™ Well, next time inshallah i'll not miss that 'something' … i promise…

  • Last pic er choshma sara apu ta ke…??
    Deikka mone hoy camera ta kemne churi kora jay…tai dhandha kortese…..ummm..khb karap..khb karap
    kwak kwak

  • everyone looks preety but the only chocolate boy & dats me was missing… so it can be said dat " sobkichu thekeo kijani nai" :PpP πŸ™‚

  • I am sorry for I could not be there this time. I had hurt my leg so bad that I could not wear a shoe. And I also did not have a car to take me there…..Addler

  • OHHHHHHHHHHHh!!!!!!! nice to see you every one in pic. it was really a great momment. specially thanks to Crabgurl for the nice cake!!!!!

  • wow U guys look amaizing…. I am so jealous….. amioo party tey ashtey chaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ……… color I hate u… buira tui amakey chara party dishish ken……

  • I agree with ONaMiKa… Color buir always amago chara party dei… sla soitan bolod. Next time eirokom plan korle ore BD er visa deoa hoibo na…. by the way, Russell pic to pic comment er bebostha kora jai na? I've got so many things to write about so many people here… particularly hellu and kawa….

  • Nah, pic to pic comment kora possible na apatoto.
    Beshi gali dite ichcha korle pic # diye refer kore gali den.
    Kauwa ajke shobar last e program e ashche… kon ek kochi meyer shathe naki dating chilo.

  • hairey Russell … kauwa bollo ar tomra believe korso jey kauwa ek kochi meyer shathey date e gesilo.. arey tomader shamney bhab nisey… lol…

  • Shobai jane je Color hoilo Luis King… or ei upadhi nia neoar kono joggotai amar nai, oto boro ashpordha o nai… Rohim Badsha Color Wolf Dalnet er Luis King silo, ase, ebong bhobisshot e o thakbe.. ei kamona kori.

  • Pic No. 11: Shobai photo tultese… but Rohim Badsha tokhono phone e luicchami kortase… and look at Kawa… photo tolar shomoi o hala khaitase…

  • July…August…and coming September ke chara abar party!!!!!!!!!!! I hate you pashan ridoy Color mama….. :"(…waaa…..waaa (crying!!)….ami apnar shathe ari mama….BTW…All of u r looking great!! I envy you all πŸ™ Nyway…hope u all had a fantastic day…nice to see u all together…

  • july to september πŸ™‚ he he ho ho ha ha, ami pashan na, tumi dec. jey din hoba, jey din deshe ashba sheydin aaro joshila party hobe, don cry na!! tomar shashuri tomake eek fota o miss korenai πŸ™‚

  • Daduwinks er comments pore ami hashte hashte shesh!
    Crabby ke dekhe amar first impression chilo: "Neelonjona eto shukailo kemne?"

  • dadu amar chaithe boro boro luis irc te aache, ora dhora porena, tader modhey tumi mostho boro eekjon. tomare eekdin shamnashamni paiyaa loi, eebong ami ta proman korbo πŸ™‚

  • Roilona,, roillonaa, sheyy jey amar nana ronger din guluuu… issh eekdin eei shob shrithi hoee thakbe, eekdin shobai hariyee jabo, shey din eei chobi gulai kotha bolbe. vabte koto valo lage

  • Nayem, pls Locho Bhai re amar aar no`more er pic ta na dekhaile valo hoi, o jodi dekhe fele taile attohotta korbe, for sure πŸ˜€

  • rahim vhaikay onek onek dhonnobad ai rokom ekta party ayojon korar jonno.and tader kay o janai shuvecha jara tader mulloban shomoy khoroch koray party tay ashsay! nice party!!!

  • Enjoyed a lot but missed HomoraM, Lochu`Bhai :(((( Anyways.. ami-e mone hoy shob che chikon silam oi party te πŸ˜› DMT r amar ekta pic thaka uchit silo.. joss hoto :DDDDDDDD

  • cRaBgUrL amar naam e bhishon rokom baje kotha likhe total 3 ta comments post korechilo, which I've deleted. I can't imagine a girl of her age using such words against someone she doesn't like… Bosti theke ashche naki ei maiya? Bebohar e bongsher porichoy, and I can imagine what sort of family she's from. Yaaak!!!

  • :@
    ami je eto taka khoroch koira sobai re mobile e phone koira gether korailam !!! .. amare kau dhonnobad dilo na :@

  • Color,uuuu,the great hearted chitainga maal–U did it gain man.M really proud of u.I really missed the party and many thanks to those who missed me in the party…………Crabby–u dosto look mochetkar and Serena–tui mone hochche amai ektu o miss korish ni..:@@@@@@….Nayeem,the chikna Hero-senku for missing me……

  • russel pls its not fare to comment on my guest, really its objectable, this party arranged by me, and I managed, I paid the bill, so no justice who will come or who will not, its really not fare and its make me nourvous, I hope you will delete your note, coz I invited them.

  • @Color`Wolf: Rahim bhai, there's no reason I should delete my comment, since I did NOT mention anything about your program — read again, carefully.
    That girl posted three illicit comments about me here (not one), and supporting her for everything she does isn't fair either. Give it a thought.

  • What the hack is going on ?
    Kisui tu bujtesi na.
    Ekjon arr ek jon re khucha kuchi kortese keno ?
    Plsease no more kucha khuchi….

  • ek jon ar ek joner pichon mare–this usually happens in chittagong but now, i think,this has become a STD and transmitted to so many ppl.So,ppls,carry on pichon mara mari.its really funny.i m enjoying all through…