Bangladeshi Currency

The currency of Bangladesh is Bangladeshi Dollar. Eikkk, just kidding, they called Taka (৳). Like many other countries, they are issued as notes and coins. Notes are of one taka, two taka, five taka, ten taka, twenty taka, fifty taka, one hundred taka, five hundred taka, and one thousand taka. Coins are of one paisa, five paisa, ten paisa, twenty five paisa, fifty paisa, one taka and five taka. Notes from five taka to one thousand taka are issued by Bangladesh Bank, while one taka and two taka notes and all the coins are issued by Bangladesh Government. Here’s what they look like:

One (1) Taka:

1 Taka, front side

1 Taka, back side


Two (2) Taka:

2 Taka, front side

2 Taka, back side

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My 4th Bank Account

After checking out at three other banks I decided to open my new account at Brac Bank. Their fees are reasonable enough, has enough ATMs around the country, and more importantly their customer services is good. I’d rate them 3.5/5.

The Visa card that comes with the account is accepted on all QCash machines and of coarse on all shops where I buy stuffs from, so good for me.

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Looking For Investors

I need around 80 lacs taka for the fist round financing of my new start-up company. If you’re willing to invest, then get in touch with me. If you know someone who’s looking for a project to invest, then hook me up with them.

My new initiative is first of it’s kind in Bangladesh and it’ll surely bring a revolutionary change in the tech industry. Are you with me or not?

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Wish List: International Credit Card

An international credit card was on my wish list for almost a decade now… and I still don’t know when I’ll be able to get one. Few Bangladeshi and multi-national banks issue it, but there are lot of prerequisites and conditions. My view is that these banks have purposely made the procedure difficult.

The necessity of a credit card arised when I registered my first domain in 1998. I used one of my relatives’ card at that time, and continued using it for the next 2 years. When I started my web development business the following year, I used to pay an American guy to get the domains and hosting accounts. For my shell accounts, I used to pay through my foreign IRC friends. And then either it was my friends who live abroad, or my associates, or my colleagues.

It’s not that I need a card only to register or renew domains, but I also need pay my yearly ACM, IEEE and Planetary Society membership dues and so on. When I ordered my iPod Shuffle, I had to charge my ex-boss’s card. I pay everyone the equivalent local currency, but it’s sort of embarrassing to request them to help out.

I guess I made myself clear on why I need an international credit card. Yet another point why I should consider immigrating to UK or Australia?

Update on October 18, 2007: Got my international debit card today. A credit card should soon follow. :)

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