Abortion Kills

“Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love but to use violence to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.” – Mother Teresa

When it come to abortion, you’ll find two groups of people: one who believes that abortion is killing a human being, and the other who believes that every women has the right to determine and control what happens to her own body.

For obvious reasons, I belong the to first group. I’m strongly against abortions or killing the human fetus. It’s a cruel manner of terminating the life of a human being, and we should all oppose it. However, if an abortion must be performed, then it should be done only under the following conditions, within the first trimester:

  1. unwanted pregnancy while the girl is under the age of sixteen
  2. forced intercourse
  3. to preserve the health of the mother (serious medical or psychological problems)

The baby’s heart starts beating between 18 to 25 days of conception. In one month time, the baby’s eyes, legs, and hands begin to develop. In 40 days, the baby’s brain waves can be detected, her lips are present and fingernails are formed. By two and half months or 12 weeks, the baby can experience pain — she now has the spinal cord, nerves and the thalamus. The sweetest thing happens on the 17th week: she can now have dreams. Now you tell me: wouldn’t it be a cruel decision to kill this baby?

Aborted at 8 weeks.

Every abortion is just…
One more heart that was stopped.
Two more eyes that will never see.
Two more hands that will never touch.
Two more legs that will never run.
One more mouth that will never speak.

Don’t support abortions. Don’t support the doctors who performs abortions. Say yes to life.

This blog post is dedicated in memory of the unborn children, victims of abortion.

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  • Okay this is soo sad about killing something that you have to carry inside of you ,and you its always a blessing to have a baby ,but killing it,something that can make you happy for the rest of your life ,something you can have memory with and moments ,something you would LOVE .but killing it is no the right thing to do ,i mean if you dont want to haev a baby at a certain time then ,dont have sex or have protected sex ,or like i said dont have sex ,cause something a mistke can always happen then you would have to kill a little tiny person that can look lik you one day ,but then you dont always have to aborte a baby ,you could have it and out it up for adoption nad then get it back in a couple of years ,oryou can find a way to have a life with a baby ,but abortion is WRONG and people really do need to stop this!!!!

  • Dude, Abortion is wrong no matter what. Dont say your against something and then say, "well i guess it’s ok in this circumstance." Come on.

  • Abortion is not a wrong wen the gal has to think about the future of the kid………….
    When the gal itself dont have a shelter how com she can bring her kid in a better way?
    It may lead to increase population but not educated n good citizen.
    Dont try to be educated illiterate………Open ur mind…….Try to educate all ur friends and kids about safe sex…….
    this is the only way to bring healthy revolution……… πŸ˜€

  • It's an embryo. A small clump of cells. Nothing more. Don't attach sentimental value to it. If I got cancer I could have that clump of cells removed, and heck that cancerous tumor would probably outweigh your embryo. If we save embryos based on that they're "alive" we have to save cancerous tumors too. They have the same "life" that embryo's do.
    It's a choice. No Government should infringe on free will and choice of the autonomous individual. I won't make a rape victem carry a child. I won't force that child to be born into a life where it'll be loathed and despised. People get abortions because they can't handle a child. It's not fair to the poor child that ends up unwanted, unloved, neglected, and sometimes abandoned. Would you wish that on a child? How can you stand there and speak of human rights and love, and deny that basic human necessity to a child? It is better to have never existed than to live a thousand lives in a hellish state of being despised by your parent[s].

  • If a child gets pregnant, letting them have an abortion just tells them it’s okay to do it again, if someone is raped you can give the baby up for adoption, or be thankful for the blessing you have been given for having to endure something so terrible, as far as medical reasons go, there is always help for mothers should be willing to do whatever they can for their child.

  • I am sorry for flaming the topic again..
    its an old topic. but I could not help myself to respond.
    What can I say about abortion… Am I neutral or am I biased?
    Is abortion taking life? Is taking life under all circumstances wrong and illegal?
    Then you take life to survive. You take life to protect yourself. You will kill anyone for your near and dear ones.
    I support abortion under severe conditions.
    When the woman is unable to support herself and can not support another person (the baby that is).
    When the girl is under-aged.
    When the woman have no family or social supports.
    Where the pregnancy is result of forced intercourse.
    The trauma of unplanned pregnancy is great. Many cant cope with it.
    Adaption is not effective under all society. Think of developing and underdeveloped countries. Many of these countries have no adoption process existing.
    Adoption does not ensure the proper upbringing of a child.
    And in the case of forced intercourse, the woman is under stress of being raped and it will be unbearable torture for her to carry the child of her rapist.
    But again Abortion is not the only choice.
    Abortion should not be the only choice. It is the last choice.
    The first choice is of course having no sex.
    Then if you are old enough and dont want to have a baby now try safe sex.
    If you are able to support you and your child then you should have the courage to have the child and rear him/her.
    And since you got pregnant unplanned talk to your family and friends, ask for their support. You may get enough support to rear a child yourself,
    Think of adoption as an option.
    So abortion is nothing but a choice. Make your choice yourself considering the situations.. Dont do anything by being emotional or dont abort just thinking of being humiliated by the family or friends.
    Think and rethink and rethink before you do anything. Be it sex or be it abortion or be it adoption.

  • Dear Sir, My girlfrnd last Period was 8th May & we did sex on the same day and took Emcon-1 so she got period again on 14th (after one wk) – we did sex on 6th June (with protected) and again we did on 14th June and that day she took Emcon-1 bfr 12hrs – Yet today 23rd she didnt get period – since from last period date 14may to today it takes abt 40days we are so scared and in tensent – so tdy did pregnancy test by stripes – it was negetive. Pls comment what we need to do now.. is it pssibility to get her pregnet?

  • Dear Sir, Um sorry but in so much tenstion, Pls help – hope u can undersand situation why she did nt get the period – are we want to meet a doctor or what is ur suggetion? pls advice its great help…..

  • I had sex yesterday noon. .nd I take emcon1 pill at 9pm on that day. .now how I can make sure that the pills are working properly??

  • dear sir I had sex yesterday but I didn’t take any pail.what kind of pail I can use?please suggest me.